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1798 shilling - Great Britain - Dorrien Magers

Great Britain


KGIII 1798

Dorrien Magers

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What is a 1798 British shilling coin worth?

Values, images, and specifications for the 1798 shilling from Great Britain.

With only around 20 known

examples of the 'Dorrien Magers' shilling surviving,

the 1798 British shilling is

condered extremely rare.

Further information on grading, condition, detractors, and

how to assess your coin can be found further down this page.

In 2018 Spinks auctioned an example graded at AU53

(approximately EF) for the equivalent of around £23,000.

The reverse shows a cruciform of shields

representing George III's regal claims, with

crowns in the fields, an abbreviated

surrounding legend, and date below.

The top shield shows three lions to left, representing England, and one lion to right representing Scotland.

The right shield shows three fleur-de-lis, representing

France, the lower shield shows a harp, representing

Ireland, and the left shield shows the Hanoverian arms.

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The obverse features the armored laureate bust

of King George III facing right. The surrounding


Notes: After several years where the base value

of silver made it unviable to produce silver coinage,

prices dropped to a point that several bankers,

(lead by Mr Magens Dorrien Magens), resumed

supplying silver for coinage.

Monarch King George III
Edge diagonally reeded
Weight 6 grams
Diameter 26 mm
Comp 92.5% silver
Minted London, England
Scarcity extremely rare


Obverse Luis Pingo
Reverse Luis Pingo

1798 Great Britain

shilling specifications

Dorrien Magers

1798 Great Britain

shilling design

Dorrien Magers

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