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Australian predecimal banknote values
Australian predecimal banknote values
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What is an old Australian banknote worth?

Values, images, and specifications for Australian banknotes.

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Australian Banknote Values

Australian Banknotes

Pre-decimal and other early issue

banknotes were often very low mintage,

due to the low population of Australia,

and with circulation and handling, wore

fairly quickly.

The conversion to decimilisation in the

1960's saw most remaining banknotes

taken out of circulation, resulting in a low

survival rate for pre-decimal era banknotes

in collectible condition.

Decimal era Australian banknotes are much

more common and sturdy, and much more

readily available.

However collectors do look for anomolies.

First prefix, last prefix, errors, and star notes

often fetch a significant premium over general

issue banknotes, as do radar serials,

solid serials, and semi-solid serials.

Consecutive serial numbers are particular

sought after by collectors, and sold together

can demand a significant premium.

Prior to 1910, Australia's

official currency was United

Kingdom coinage, although

in earlier years several

currencies circulated within

Australia, which at the time

was a collection of

British colonies.

Most circulating banknotes

in Australia prior to federation

were in the form of promisory

notes, issued by local and

regional banks, promising to

pay the bearer the notes value

in sterling upon demand.

Australian decimal banknotes




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