1797 British twopence value, George III
1797 British twopence value, George III
1838 UK twopence value, Victoria
1838 UK twopence value, Victoria
1848 UK twopence value, Victoria
1848 UK twopence value, Victoria
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Maundy money values, UK, Great Britain, England
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1801 to 1967

Twopence Values - United Kingdom


What is a Twopence from the United Kingdom worth?

Values, images, and specifications for twopence coins from the UK, Great Britain,

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, dependancies, and British colonies from 1801 to 1967.

The 1797 'cartwheel twopence' was

Britain's only copper twopence, and also

Britains largest circulation issue coin.

The other two circulation issue twopence,

(1838 and 1848), were both 92.5% silver,

and minted for use in the British colonies,

so were not technically United Kingdom

circulating coinage.

Only two years of United Kingdom twopence

coins were minted for circulation, under

Victoria between 1838 and 1848, however

many years were minted for Maundy sets

both prior to, and from 1801 onwards.

We have also included the 1797 copper

twopence from King George III's era in this

section, as it was circulating during the

formation of the United Kingdom, and is

quite an interesting coin.  Further detail

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