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TDK Australian Pre-Decimal Coins
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Australian coin and banknote values
New Zealand coin and banknote values
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Acknowledgements to those who have supplied images, references for information used in compiling this website, and useful resources for further research.     Constantly being updated.

References, Acknowledgements, and Resources

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TDK Australian Pre-Decimal Coins.

Specialising in collectible early Australian coins and banknotes.

1923 Australian halfpenny


Resource website specialising in early Australian coins

Useful resources for further information

- Coin Community Forum

- Australian Coins & Banknotes by

          Greg McDonald

- Renniks Coin & Banknkote values

- Fred Lever's Australian Pre-decimal           Coin Varieties

- Standard Catalogue of World Coins

          by Krause Publications

- New Zealand Coin & Banknote           catalogue


- Token publishing


- Many, many other sources

- Victorian Museum

- Wikipedia

- Cruzi's Coins

- eBay

- Amazon




- numista


- colonial collectibles

- USA coin book

- Perth Mint

- The sandpit (Triton)

- google

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Australian coins and banknotes on sale

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Australia: pre-decimal coins and banknotes

New Zealand: pre-decimal coins

United Kingdom: fractionals, farthing, halfpenny, penny

United States: half cent, one cent

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