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Australian coin and banknote values
New Zealand predecimal coin values
UK coin values - 1801 to 1967
United States coin values - 1792 to present
All Coin Values
Images wanted - All Coin Values
Images wanted - All Coin Values
Australian predecimal coin values
Australian predecimal banknote values
New Zealand predecimal coin values
UK coin values - 1801 to 1967
United States coin values - 1792 to present

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Australian coin values
Australian banknote values
New Zealand coin values
United Kingdom coin values
United States coin values

Value and spec information is sourced from various locations, including coin literature, coin dealers, resource websites, and asking price for online sales by reputable coin

dealers. All values are based on what you might expect to pay to buy a coin from a reputable dealer. Many factors affect value aside from grade. For the purposes of our

estimated values, we assume that the coin has no other detractors. All values are estimates only, based on third-party information. do not guarantee

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